Crystal M. Romero

Award-winning lesbian author of Speculative Fiction, aka: Horror

My brand is based on Carlos Romero, a Chihuahua who is my service dog. His skills have saved my life more than a few times. Owing to this, he is much more than a pet, he is my constant companion.

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Crystal M. Romero, no relation to George A. Romero, is an author of Lesbian Speculative Fiction, aka: horror. Her first novel, The Veil of Sorrow, which was originally published by PD Publishing was awarded the 2010 Golden Crown Literary Society Award for Speculative Fiction. Additionally, The Veil of Sorrow was nominated for the 2010 Gaylactic Spectrum Award.

In addition to being a member of the Horror Writers Association, Crystal is also a member of the Golden Crown Literary Society.

Crystal lives with an assortment of cats, and a Chihuahua that never fails to keep her grounded.