Crystal M. Romero

Award-winning lesbian author of Speculative Fiction, aka: Horror

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Gay Pride weekend this year was bound to go down in history because of the nation's advances in equality. Across California's Silicon Valley, couples gathered for numerous weddings, and people showed their pride at a downtown park. Even the usual religious protesters failed to ruin the celebration. Unfortunately, history would not remember this as the day of celebrating equality but as the day the zombies overran the world. Revelry quickly turned to chaos as the crowds fought for their lives.

Yvonne Martin just wanted to relax at home this year, but a frantic call from her best friend set her on a terrifying mission to save him. Along the way, they are thrown together with Captain Jacqueline Rhodes and her partner, the last surviving officers of the police force. Together with some of their neighbors, they must make their escape from this Valley of the Dead.